Recently I have decided to take a step back from being a college student to do something more active and enjoyable with my life. My best friend Jessie and my wonderful mom have helped me realize life is too short to be unhappy. Since I have always had a strong interest and “do-it-yourself” craft projects, I have chosen to invest my weekend in starting a refurbishing project in hopes to find a fairly inexpensive-antique chair or multi-drawer system and turn it into a reusable bright and fun decoration for a teen or college student bedroom. Of course there is no space to be rebuilding, painting, and ripping up messy fabric in my tiny little apartment so for the weekend I will be driving a whopping 4 hours to a giant 3 acre getaway at my parents. I am quite excited to start this new adventure. There are no guidelines/ rules and no one will be telling me how to fix my project or why it does not work. I can just be me and do my own thing which makes me so happy!


My Inspiration

The goal to making my own furniture designs to reuse and sell is to not over spend. I am hoping to use all of my imagination to create unique inexpensive pieces of furniture that other people can enjoy and appreciate. I know that there is a lot of talented people out there however it can be hard to find the time and money to create the look they intend for their personal spaces. Hopefully I can create the small fun things they will see every day and it will put a smile on each new owners work of art!