I know you all have been dying to see what my first project is… well here it is. Yesterday, I chose a vintage chair for a bargain price I must say my sister Laura and one of her good friends did a wonderful job helping me pick this piece out. This poor neglected chair was off in corner in a cute antique shop covered with junk. After several attempts we managed to find help from the store owner and get a great price. I also somehow managed to fit my new purchase in the back of my tiny sports car. Luckily I was passing through my sisters town and found this great shop! They had lots of great deals and beautiful collectibles. I must admit antique shops tend to overwhelm me! Ever notice how extremely dusty and cluttered each inch of those stores are? Even though you have a shop of collectibles,  would it hurt to clean them?… that’s all I am saying haha.

The biggest advice I can give from my trip is to definitely know what you are looking for before entering the store!

Today I was able to go shopping around and find several fabric selections for the upholstery, paint for the wood finish and much more little items to make my new Retro-chair look fresh and chic. I  was looking forward to “spending wisely” however I managed to pick out every possible item (excluding the chair itself) at a little bit higher of a price range than I would have liked. From my material choices I have definitely learned that sometimes you have to spend a little extra cash if you want a great quality masterpiece.


Well I am off to complete my first attempt at the Furniture world- Ahhh

Wish Me Luck!