So after no luck for three or so days of looking for next inspiration at MANY different antique stores I must admit I was ready to give up. For some reason every shop I went into the ladies working were cold in personality or talking on the phone the entire time. I guess good old fashioned sweet costumer service isn’t something to be taken seriously in some southern shops. On top of that the prices for each item I though was just so-so ended up being so completely and utterly expensive I was shocked anyone would purchase anything.

Moms know best…

After looking extremely bored my lovely mother finally pointed out to me that when my twin moved away she needed a simple chair for her desk and the number one place she looked was the good old hand-me-down shop at Good Will. Growing up that is the exact place kids would go for joke t-shirts or to buy funny Halloween costumes from old tacky dresses to extreme shoulder pad work suits. Man, was I wrong. Goodwill, at least in the Spring area of Texas, has designer clothing with the original price tags still intact for inexpensive prices… definitely have to keep that in mind next time I try to spend a fortune on clothes. Okay I am getting off topic….



This is the PERFECT Vintage set of candle holders that is totally ready for a splash of pattern and color! You would never guess how inexpensive I got them for!?

… Lets just say WOW I was extremely lucky on the price $3.00!!!




I cannot wait to get started. This project will be tedious in detail but a great simple design idea to add bold flavor for any home or even retail shop! Dream Big I must say 🙂