I have officially repainted the “new” candle sticks with 5 different ideas. The great thing about finding inexpensive buys for my projects is that they leave room for experimentation.

  1. First coat was a spray paint that was texturized with a gloss. The effect was gorgeous however the items still remained to look vintage and my concept (btw not a fan of that word from years of hearing it at school) is to rejuvenate old pieces of decor to appear new and modernized.
  2. Second coat was a flat enamel black spray paint…. (I know Im not being very eco-friendly with all this spray paint I just L-O-V-E the way it looks I cant help it!) This would have created a great glaze over the textured paint from #1 however mother nature took place and it decided to rain. 😦
  3. Hand painting became the next must! Of course it was all due to nasty weather conditions. I first tried a solid black once again. Yes it looked great however it was not up to my standards of “special”.
  4. Then I took mixed gray paint and a small paint brush and started to paint patterns from head to toe on the largest candle stick base. At this point the overall image was still Gothic, I was completely anticipating using bright colors on-top of the gray. —->Well…It ended up looking like an Easter egg… I was not happy to say the least. Its a cute novelty but there was nothing hip about it.
  5. Last, I had an old bottle of pearlized paint that I could coat over the Easter egg artwork (thinking after a night to dry it would still let some of the colors shine through). To be honest it just looked like that tacky lip gloss that little girls wear to turn their lips a metal/white/silver color.YUCK

What I have learned from all this:
Maybe its better to stick to the larger scale chair projects that have WAYYYY more inspiration behind them. At the end of the day-Life’s a learning process!