This project took an early 6am wake up to search through The Woodlands Garage Sale Event. I managed to find a small steal, this frame only cost $2!!! When I handed my money over to the husband selling this item he looked pretty ticked. As I walked away I heard him arguing with his wife about how that price was way too low. Ranting on about “what was she thinking!?”– Sorry to them but YAY for me. People at huge events like this can get greedy and pushy. Some people had carts they brought from home and they would be full of new treasures within the first 5 minutes! I plan on finding more productions like this to look for my next furniture pieces solely for the reason that if I happen to not find anything the people alone are worth the experience!

The Supplies Used





—I am not selling this project (its a gift for my wonderful sister) I still wanted to post it to show the things I really enjoy doing the most. Hopefully I can continue to take different items and create something new.—