New Kitchen Table

Excuse the photo quality this week, I dont have a camera on me so a phone camera will have to do for now… This was the big find in Roundtop this weekend! Its a large antique white, round refinished table. The trim around the table reads ” Give Thanks, Bless this food our daily bread”. For those of you who have not heard of Warrenton/Roundtop it is a giant nic-nack sale that covers an entire city! It happens twice a year and people come from all over the United States to sell furniture, jewelry and other collectibles. This was my first trip taken with my sister and mom. We really lucked out going on the last possible day because it seemed like EVERYONE was willing to lower their prices. SO how much do you think this beautiful rustic table cost us? Just under a few hundred!!! My family has been looking for a country style, round table for over two years since moving further away from the city. It fits perfectly in our new home however the old chairs MUST go! Thats another project for another day.

A Thanks goes to my friend Lindsay for telling me about the event!


My NEW Art Studio

I know the image is hard to read so I feel some explanation should happen. Since purchasing the kitchen table in the first image, something needed to happen with our old table. In our new home there is a front room that I like to call the tea room. Before my redecorating we had couches meant for quiet conversations or afternoon naps. Right away I claimed the large table top surface area for my Mayline (architectural drawing board). The board is so huge that it really does not fit on any typical desk. Moving from Dallas over a month ago I still had ALL of my architecture, interior design, and arts&craft supplies to unpack. With a spare afternoon and organizers I am very pleased at how the space turned out. Pretty good for not spending a dime!