Since a recent trip to Cozumel, Mexico I have been inspired to do a beach themed piece of furniture. The lush teals and white beaches have reminded me of the great things that come with childhood. As a kid I was always challenged to become and do whatever I could dream or even imagine. The week before my vacation I picked up a vintage children’s school desk at the local Good Will Store. Most people in the shop kept passing this great find by without even noticing its potential. Having an eye for creating something new out of something old and forgotten is exactly what keeps me going with these projects.

My $10 Find!

 After lots and LOTS of sanding and a trip to the paint store I found the perfect color for a base coat…

Notice "EXTERIOR": Great duribilty for playful children!

Base Coat Still Drying... The towel is not part of the project it just happens to be an old cloth perfect for painting.

My Inspiration:

I plan to use different image clips to paint a treasure map on the counter surface of the desk and then later add 3D elements such as rope, fish netting and colored shells to the base sides. I also plan to paint a boat wheel on the seat. Of course this is all subject to changes hehe.

Fun Fact: My sister jokes that I always find a way to incorporate teal into my artwork. What can I say I love certain colors and when your drawn to something its bound to pop up. Maybe it has become my signature color.

Stay tuned for more of the children’s desk final touches….to be continued.