All Finished with my Treasure Island desk!

treasure map argh

I wanted kids to be able to use the surface of the desk for coloring books, fun learning guides, and even planning their own imaginary adventure. I fully intend to go to a used book store and buy pirate themed children books with LOTS of images inside (can you tell I was never big on reading as a kid haha) ; I am also trying to find coloring books that involve boating trips & sea creatures that might also help inspired k-4th with numbers, colors, alphabets etc. In order to accomplish all these things I had to make sure the desk remained flat with the ability for a smooth writing surface. I hope the colors and images help inspire whoever is using the desk to stay young minded from all the whimsical touches I have added.

why not be in command of your own pirate ship!?

Even girls can be "Captian Jack" for the day!

the small details make a world of a difference

Most people may think the shells and netting are a big literal however I wanted to set an atmosphere that while sitting at this desk your toes can be in the sand (pretend of course).  I hope you like it, there is already a new project in progress!