My "Before" image

Step 1: Disassemble YIKES!

Step 2: sand off all the old glue...

Step 3: Drill out and replace old dowel! AHH

…with out breaking any of the joint fingers! This is where you have to step back and think if this $8 find will be worth all the effort…WELL, I’m certainly going to try and see how far I can get. Wish me luck!

Close to the last step.

I should point out that I …ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS… get ahead of myself on my projects. As soon as I found this chair I decided to stop in at the “biggest & baddest” fabric store I could possibly find to learn a thing or two from the pros! The pink foam is the cushion that will go under the white padding after it is all glued together with spray adhesive. The white padding was missing on my last chair which is suppose to help give the cushion more shape and form. The fabric I picked out is a pink ribbon stitched to a green background. I LOVED the colors & I’m All about the bright factor. The wood texture of the chair (after repaired) will be painted a light yellow. I know it sounds awful but you will have to trust my eye and see what the final piece looks like. I hope your as excited as I am!!!