AFTER its all said and done ...

the "BEFORE" outdated style

My drastic image edit on how badly this chair needed some color! "The Process"

repair time

Laybor of Love

This project was in NO WAY easy or quick to complete. After dismantlement of the entire chair, several joint pivots needed some major replacements…My favorite part about the entire process was getting to use power tools in a destructive manor. (No humans were harmed in the process I can assure you!)

Jobs Completed:
– LOTS and LOTS of sanding and chipping away at old glue (more like cement that would not come off!)
– Due to the Texas heat I did not go to a safe drill zone like I would’ve used in my wood shop…YES I fully admit to using an electrical power drill while sitting on the carpet floor of my studio with the wooden pieces jammed between my ankles and elbows. I had to do this in order to cut away at broken wood dowels in order for new replacements.  Yes I know I should have clamped the wood properly on the wood bench outside before drilling away but hey I got the job done & that’s all that matters in the end right? 🙂
– Not 1 but FOUR coats of light yellow paint… the wood was soaking in the color like a dessert in need of some major water
– An entire afternoon worth of using a small staple remover to take out over a hundred 1/2″ staples… my hand is now cramped and calloused & thats why I said earlier “Labor of Love”

-Shockingly the quickest but most draining part was adding a new cushion using a box cutter & a heavy duty staple gun…. my projects may look Girly but trust me they take every ounce of muscle and patience as most manly woodworking projects.

From my days in Architecture school I will always remember the professor remarks about picking fabrics and paints to be an unworthy job to design (for those of you who do not know most architects like straight sleek lines with NO COLOR at all!)… but if u think about it picking a color in paint or printed fabric is just like having to pick out what type of wood stain or wood type to best use. Each designer chooses their own materials no matter how manly or girly they might be there is a client for every style out there.

“The point of designing is to stand out and show your voice through creation.”