What most people don’t understand about financing in these projects:

The find was amazing only $35!!! I can defiantly say I am very fortunate to have a twin sister that helps to shop for the best deals. Having two eyes searching is GREAT! Even tho the find was a great low price point most people do not consider the time put into my projects for starters…

I get paid LESS THAN MINIMUM WAGE just for the time being put into these pieces!!! & yes it can be stressful to think about continuing on a low budget but I LOVE LOVE LOVE every second I put in my projects. I can spend anywhere from a weekend to 3 weeks on each item. What most purchasing members forget to consider is the cost of supplies:

—gas & ability to barrow a truck to transport the furniture to even get started on the new projects

—paint (I only use the best exterior paint with a mix of primer included- I usually buy 1 to 4 quarts on each project plus a clear gloss to keep the paint from coming off or getting destroyed.  Most of my furniture will be highly used items: chairs, dressers, desks, etc.)

—tarp (A MUST BUY FOR EVERY PROJECT so that I dont turn my studio & air conditioned garage into a multi-colored canvas lol)

—paint brushes (reusable for the most part if you buy good ones to start off with. Since my paint is a latex base I am able to rinse them almost completely out of color before they dry.)

— wall tape (YOU MUST invest in the most expensive brands to get better clean results… its great for marking off drawer slides, knobs and anything else you don’t want a certain color to touch)

— some projects require small repairs & replacements: wooden dowels, wood putty, wood stain, new knobs for drawers, foam/padding, fabric & etc

<<<SO FAR>>>

The first of many steps: Base Coat & Discover an Inspiring Pattern to Apply

Personally I like to draw my own patterns first on a sheet of paper to make sure I like it. Worst comes to worst you throw the paper out. Its much better than having to paint over mistakes. I choose to make my own stencils to save time and money. I use to be stubborn and think if “EVERYTHING” isn’t done by hand than its not original… but after 3 & 1/2 years of studio classes Ive learned its not all about what you use to get the project done its about how you apply the idea and see it all the way until it is finished. Most people simply do not have this kind of patience to complete an entire surface with a small repeated pattern but in the end it comes all together wonderfully! 

done with the first under-laying pattern on the top surface takes lots & lots of time/patience

I plan to incorporate more of a deep red & white texture to the pattern and then finish touches here & there of a white trim with new clear knobs. How long do you think this should take? ; )