Before- An Old Front Board to Dresser Drawer

 After a solid wipe down of the old board I decided to remove the handles for optional use for a different project down the road. I started with a 2 layer base coat of light pink. Next I added a pattern and trim on the outside lining with a bright hot pink color. The pattern use was based off of a plastic pre-cut stencil. Of course the most time consuming part about the picture frame is to wait for all the different layers of paint to dry. When the color was all finished drying I added a clear top coat to avoid scratches. Last I cut and applied ribbon (using heavy duty super glue) to make for a repeating bow alignment. In between each ribbon I added 3 clear plastic picture holders that are very easy to remove and insert new printed images. These frames are you standard fridge magnets that you can purchase at any CVS, Walmart, Target & etc.

                                               Do the bright colors just make you want to smile!?

After- Placed on a night stand. One of many places this plank can go: hung up on a wall, placed on a desk, a kitchen or bathroom counter... & etc

Up-close- You can see the patterns in the ribbons and painted on the board!

The white surroundings can be a bit bland something like this bright colored stuffed dog will do just the trick to add more color through out the room without over crowding the surface area.

Another Up Close Shot