Suppose to be: grass (rice crispy treats) with 5 lady bugs (cake balls) to represent each person in our family

So its my moms birthday in a few days and I tried to step out of the ordinary birthday cake type of ideas. My first attempt at baking cake balls… It did not turn out the way I hoped. Online I had seen a picture of someone who created lady bugs out of cake balls and it seemed simple enough. Boy was I wrong.

what I did with the rest of the balls after the first 5 didn't turn out so well

SO be prepared if you are tempting to make cake balls they take an ENTIRE day. 6 hours alone just to harden them in the freezer!!!

kind of like miniature cup cakes

At the end of the day I had fun trying something new… even if the first set was disastrous!

Happy birthday o-great-mother-of-mine!!!!