This project is all about turning a SMALL square shaped COFFEE TABLE into>>>> a lemonade themed checkers GAME TABLE (part 2). The second part you will have to stick around to see what I am talking about. The first major step was to make sure the legs of the table were sturdy & fit properly in their correct corners. The original legs were mounted using various shapes of old, rotted, cut out wood layered too thick with 40+screws all placed in the least valuable places.

–These steps may or may not make any sense but its the order of things done:
step 1: remove old leg attachments (unscrew and take a mallet to knock of extra pieces still attached from old glue)
step 2: cut out new right triangles with 1-1.2″ standard wood
step 3: trim the triangles corners on two ends to hide properly under table
step 4: drill proper size hole in center of each triangle (the original legs came with a giant screw already built into the middle of the leg)
step 5: the best way i found to attach the least amount of wood to the table was to find an “L” shape bracket with 4 drill holes (better seen in picture below) then add extra support with tiny slender nails from the outer edges of the table… later the nails will get painted over and I made sure to not use any nails with a head thicker than the actual nail width
step 6: Start painting! MY FAVORITE PART


step 1 (removing)

step 2 (measuring)


step 2 & 3 (cutting/trimming)

step 4 (drilling)

step 4 (measuring...again & drilling)

step 5 (properly re-installing)

step 5 (two "L" shaped brackets applied to each leg corner)... caution: will make your hands hurt when forcefully using a non-powered/hand-held screw driver repeatedly