Still under construction with the painting zone. Click on the image for a bigger view!

I wanted a game table but had to decide what kind of game: I decided on checkers …since most people of any age & gender know how to play. (if they dont instructions will be included anyways) After I chose the game I decided the typical red/black or white/black checker board was not going to work so I increased the surface area of a typical board and decided to theme the table “lemonade for sale”. The board will consist of lemons and limes painted on the flat surface. The game pieces are giant fake coins with heads and tales to differentiate between the regular game player and the “kinged” player. One opponent will have pennies in all one brass tone while the other opponent will have nickles, dimes and quartes in a silver tone. All the coins are actually the same size since its play money. The fake money will be stored on/in the giant porcelain leaf when nobody is playing the game to incorporate the idea that lemons and limes are picked from trees. The sides of the table will be painted with cute signs that say “lemonade for sale” and also other stripes of color that will help emphasis on detailed woodwork.