First select your fabric, I choose: a jersey knit (green) nylon stretch fabric (dark green) daisy printed cotton (light yellow) and solid cotton (blue)I need the blue because this year I am Leonardo the Ninja Turtle!

Lets just throw it out on the table that I only know the basics of a sewing machine. When I went to Jo-Ann Fabrics to pick everything out, the store was filled with people for Halloween. So as an amateur seamstress, without any sales help might I add, I was deeply discouraged by a sales woman at the check out for choosing so many different kinds of fabrics.

I have a motto for any craft project “who wants to be ordinary, when you can be extraordinary?” 

Just like with my furniture projects, I enjoy not going by the typical rule book. Try new materials, learn what works best for you and you alone! I might not pick the perfect fabric or the correct type of thread but this is after all a home made costume for one night out of a bazillion Halloweens to come. Don’t take your crafts so seriously, just have fun with the process! 

Last year I was an Indian using the same idea of making a dress, however I used Velcro instead of a zipper. Lets just say Velcro is not as flexible as a stretch jersey knit with a LARGE coat zipper attached. Once the zipper is securely sewn in I was able to flip the dress inside out and “take in” the extra fabric so that the dress fit better to my specific curves.

The very first thing I did was measure the largest parts of my body. Whatever number was the biggest is the same inches I measured to cut the fabric horizontally down the entire piece. I then placed a measuring tape from my lower under arm to my knee cap so that I would know how to cut the fabric vertically.

Next I cut out and applied shapes to the front of the dress to make a breast plate just like a turtle would have. After the fabric glue dried, I then hand stitched the cut-outs to make them extra secure.

THE FRONT all finished! I added a dark green trim and cut out the blue fabric into strips to make a ninja belt and head band.