6 chairs just like this are about to be completely made over YAY It has clearly been awhile since my last furniture project, trust me this I know!

The fabric I have been searching long and hard for, NO WHERE TO BE FOUND! So ... I came up with my own idea: I purchased burlap-looking fabric (of course much softer) and some stencils ....

AND I started to paint my own pattern! I am covering 3 yards worth of fabric in designs like these then wrapping all 6 chair cushions with it. Before I put the seats back together I am painting the light wood with a primer and a thick coat of casablanca white interior paint. These chairs are a gift to my mom to match a table she bought at a craft show last year. Keep looking out for my next blog when it is all finished!!!

My paint inspiration for the day! I found this display at Anthropology. Its a bunch of paint stir sticks covered with many different paint colors. Just caught my eye and reminded me just how many ways exist to be creative 🙂