This blog is a few days late but I figured its worth the post if it means encouraging others to get out and help their community. So about a year ago I moved home from college (before graduating) hoping to recollect myself and my confidence by being put back into humbling experiences through volunteer work. I tried to get a hold of Habitat for Humanity for months before I finally figured out that you have to be a part of an organization to volunteer. For those of you who do not know, this is a program that helps lower income citizens become first time home owners through volunteers actually building from the ground up or even repair homes that are in major need. Considering my major in college was architecture and interior design this felt worth something in a way that actually helped someone else out. Lucky for me my mom’s company Anadarko Petroleum has been involved for years and starting this past weekend we began our adventure on building a 4 bedroom home!

This is my sister helping to nail the edges of what will be a "window"

Our team leader (Zach) is working hard on the right while (Chong) on the left doesn't seem to know how to use a hammer at all. He some how managed to bend his 3.5" nail in half agianst the wall and thought that quailified as a job well done. City boys haha

me and my sister nailing for 3 hours, every 6 inches along every exterior seam

It feels like I was not in college long enough to consider myself any smarter than anyone else when it comes to actually building the frame of a house. I was completely taken back at how much work can quickly be done with the hands of people just willing to help a stranger. I sure hope this house (with flaws and all) will be able to be the best home for this family. It was a great day!!!