the newly draped, burlap fabric I stenciled/ painted

the table (bought at a design/craft furniture show) the orginal chairs (right) the new chair remade to match the table (on left)

only 5 more chairs to go!

The off white paint color is called Casa Blanca from Sherwin Williams. It required an all purpose primer as a base coat before two layers of Casa Blanca were added. Then a clear coat to match the finish of the table and protect the chair from dirty hands. Lots of paint brushes were used & sadly thrown away in this process due to the oil base paint (Not my favorite type of paint for this very reason!) however the 4 layer coating matches the table to a “T”.

My first choice would have been to buy an already-made fabric and different era chairs; however when on a budget you must work with what you have! Did I pull it off?