Coral/Teal Coffee Table

BEFORE only $25! The original could have worked perfect in anyone’s residence however the colors simply did not work with the theme I was looking for so… I decided to change it up a bit!

Before shot #2

My inspiration photo I found on I think coral and teal perfectly describe my personality and love for the ocean! These two colors are my new obsession!

I like to find a pattern before I start any of my projects. Mapping the entire piece in my head helps me to set goals, which makes the entire motion of patting very peaceful and relaxing!- First I searched wallpaper patterns online and once I found one that stood out I simply printed it to the scale I wanted. Next I used a clear stencil acrylic sheet (that can be found at Micheals Craft store) and did a rough sketch with a sharpie. I do not believe anything ever has to be “perfect”. The best part about my type of art is finding beauty in the flaws! – Next I cut out the shapes I wanted to throw away with an x-acto. If you have never used one I suggest lots of practice, they can hurt you pretty bad if you do not know what you are doing. I chose this pattern because it reminded me of the rich history in mid-evil renaissance. That period has always interested me. I think I am just an old lady at heart. 🙂

Always, Always, ALWAYS take your stencil out for a practice run. I decided to use some old paint on a white sheet of regular print paper. This can help when deciding on colors or what kind of tools you want to use. I was having a hard time deciding between a paint brush or a sponge. After I realized painting with the stencil was too messy for me, I simply traced what I had and used a tiny brush to fill in the pattern later.

Base coat/Primer. Some people use kilz or the local Sherwin Williams will suggest to use an oil base primer. I decided to try it out since all my previous projects required several layers of base coats. I found the suggested primers harder to work with. The colors strip off easier with painters tape. I ended up very frustrated to say the least but everyone uses their own methods and I can respect that. Haha If you want to go my favorite way of painting use water base paint with high gloss. you may have to paint extra coats but they will never come off once layered up! Plus it saves you money on paint brushes since you can simply wash and reuse them.

First layer of color. ALWAYS take drawers all the way out. They usually require taking some pieces apart but the paint job will look 100% better/cleaner looking when finished.

And the pattern starts to be applied.

Almost finished. The colors turned out brighter than expected so to tone things down I added a bronze glaze made by Martha Stuart found at Home Depot… (you can see the difference in the “completed” final photos). The glaze gives the furniture an antique look.


Birds eye view of the pattern!

Most of the materials used.

Hope you enjoyed seeing what I love to do most!