Teal/Coral Coffee Table

Coral/Teal Coffee Table

BEFORE only $25! The original could have worked perfect in anyone’s residence however the colors simply did not work with the theme I was looking for so… I decided to change it up a bit!

Before shot #2

My inspiration photo I found on pintrest.com I think coral and teal perfectly describe my personality and love for the ocean! These two colors are my new obsession!

I like to find a pattern before I start any of my projects. Mapping the entire piece in my head helps me to set goals, which makes the entire motion of patting very peaceful and relaxing!- First I searched wallpaper patterns online and once I found one that stood out I simply printed it to the scale I wanted. Next I used a clear stencil acrylic sheet (that can be found at Micheals Craft store) and did a rough sketch with a sharpie. I do not believe anything ever has to be “perfect”. The best part about my type of art is finding beauty in the flaws! – Next I cut out the shapes I wanted to throw away with an x-acto. If you have never used one I suggest lots of practice, they can hurt you pretty bad if you do not know what you are doing. I chose this pattern because it reminded me of the rich history in mid-evil renaissance. That period has always interested me. I think I am just an old lady at heart. 🙂

Always, Always, ALWAYS take your stencil out for a practice run. I decided to use some old paint on a white sheet of regular print paper. This can help when deciding on colors or what kind of tools you want to use. I was having a hard time deciding between a paint brush or a sponge. After I realized painting with the stencil was too messy for me, I simply traced what I had and used a tiny brush to fill in the pattern later.

Base coat/Primer. Some people use kilz or the local Sherwin Williams will suggest to use an oil base primer. I decided to try it out since all my previous projects required several layers of base coats. I found the suggested primers harder to work with. The colors strip off easier with painters tape. I ended up very frustrated to say the least but everyone uses their own methods and I can respect that. Haha If you want to go my favorite way of painting use water base paint with high gloss. you may have to paint extra coats but they will never come off once layered up! Plus it saves you money on paint brushes since you can simply wash and reuse them.

First layer of color. ALWAYS take drawers all the way out. They usually require taking some pieces apart but the paint job will look 100% better/cleaner looking when finished.

And the pattern starts to be applied.

Almost finished. The colors turned out brighter than expected so to tone things down I added a bronze glaze made by Martha Stuart found at Home Depot… (you can see the difference in the “completed” final photos). The glaze gives the furniture an antique look.


Birds eye view of the pattern!

Most of the materials used.

Hope you enjoyed seeing what I love to do most!


WaLa New Kitchen Chairs!



the newly draped, burlap fabric I stenciled/ painted

the table (bought at a design/craft furniture show) the orginal chairs (right) the new chair remade to match the table (on left)

only 5 more chairs to go!

The off white paint color is called Casa Blanca from Sherwin Williams. It required an all purpose primer as a base coat before two layers of Casa Blanca were added. Then a clear coat to match the finish of the table and protect the chair from dirty hands. Lots of paint brushes were used & sadly thrown away in this process due to the oil base paint (Not my favorite type of paint for this very reason!) however the 4 layer coating matches the table to a “T”.

My first choice would have been to buy an already-made fabric and different era chairs; however when on a budget you must work with what you have! Did I pull it off?

Back to Painting YAY

6 chairs just like this are about to be completely made over YAY It has clearly been awhile since my last furniture project, trust me this I know!

The fabric I have been searching long and hard for, NO WHERE TO BE FOUND! So ... I came up with my own idea: I purchased burlap-looking fabric (of course much softer) and some stencils ....

AND I started to paint my own pattern! I am covering 3 yards worth of fabric in designs like these then wrapping all 6 chair cushions with it. Before I put the seats back together I am painting the light wood with a primer and a thick coat of casablanca white interior paint. These chairs are a gift to my mom to match a table she bought at a craft show last year. Keep looking out for my next blog when it is all finished!!!

My paint inspiration for the day! I found this display at Anthropology. Its a bunch of paint stir sticks covered with many different paint colors. Just caught my eye and reminded me just how many ways exist to be creative 🙂

Habitat for Humanity

This blog is a few days late but I figured its worth the post if it means encouraging others to get out and help their community. So about a year ago I moved home from college (before graduating) hoping to recollect myself and my confidence by being put back into humbling experiences through volunteer work. I tried to get a hold of Habitat for Humanity for months before I finally figured out that you have to be a part of an organization to volunteer. For those of you who do not know, this is a program that helps lower income citizens become first time home owners through volunteers actually building from the ground up or even repair homes that are in major need. Considering my major in college was architecture and interior design this felt worth something in a way that actually helped someone else out. Lucky for me my mom’s company Anadarko Petroleum has been involved for years and starting this past weekend we began our adventure on building a 4 bedroom home!

This is my sister helping to nail the edges of what will be a "window"

Our team leader (Zach) is working hard on the right while (Chong) on the left doesn't seem to know how to use a hammer at all. He some how managed to bend his 3.5" nail in half agianst the wall and thought that quailified as a job well done. City boys haha

me and my sister nailing for 3 hours, every 6 inches along every exterior seam

It feels like I was not in college long enough to consider myself any smarter than anyone else when it comes to actually building the frame of a house. I was completely taken back at how much work can quickly be done with the hands of people just willing to help a stranger. I sure hope this house (with flaws and all) will be able to be the best home for this family. It was a great day!!!

You could call me a Pintrest Enthusiast….

For health reason I have not been able to work on my furniture projects, so in the mean time I have been using pintrest.com to keep my creative juices flowing for a few small crafts:

pintrest 1

Turning felt into flowers for Christmas gift “bows” using some scissors, needle/thread & some fabric paint on the leaves

This one was harder than I thought, I added frosting to hold the snickers & candy canes together however the snickers really did not want to hold together when jamming the teddy gram in the center. I think the pintrest user also cut their candy canes shorter on the curl.

This was a "turkey" veggie platter for Thanksgiving, the most difficult part was trying to get a bell pepper base (aka the head) the same shape as the original picture. Mine turned out to look more like a tropical bird.

How to make Giant Dice on a Dime


First take two cardboard boxes in the shape of cubes and make sure they are taped shut. Choose one solid color and paint all 6 sides. (I used exterior house paint to enhance the durability)

The last step is to use white, squeezable fabric paint and make circles on each facade. Then use a small to medium size paint brush to fill in the circles. Once dry its time to play!!!

This is what the boxes should look like AFTER all the sides have dried.

Another view.

Display Jewelry like Art!

Work in progress.. deciding where to put the picture hangers and the ring holder (the box in the center is part of a dollhouse furniture collection repainted to hold small earrings and rings).

Pre-drilling a hole for each picture hanger really helped to save time and my hand from hurting!

All done! Before the jewelry is added.
































After Jewelry is added. Notice the outlined figurine is even used to hang large earrings!With some wood, nails, screws, paint and an imagination anyone can display their own collection of jewels instead of hiding their pieces away in drawers. Personally I can forget what I have hidden away so the miniature visual exhibit really helps when getting ready for an event!I hope you enjoyed the pictures! More projects will be starting this Christmas break cannot wait to post them!